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Chiang Mai Tours BPT4003: 4 Day Elephants and Highlights Tour Package


Group Join In Tour


Chiang Mai Package Inthanon


This four day package is good for the more fit and adventurous as you will head out on a two hour trek through Doi Inthanon National Park. The package will also take in Doi Suthep Temple, the main sites of Chiang Rai and allow you a half day interacting and caring for some happy elephants.

4,750 Baht

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Day 1
Day one of this four day package will be an evening tour will start with pick up from your Chiang Mai hotel. The we will proceed towards Doi Pui mountain where we will make our first stop at Wat Umong. Wat Umong is a 700 year old temples nestled in the forest at the foot of Doi Pui mountain. The temple here is famous for its underground tunnels and large chedi, there is also a field containing broken Buddha statues, the twilight hours is definitely the best time to visit this atmospheric temple. Following Wat Umong the tour will proceed to Chiang Mai's most famous temple and without a doubt the evening time is definitely one of the best times to visit as the tourists crowds which do visit this temple will have mostly departed for the day. You will enjoy the very unique views of Chiang Mai at Night and will see the city lit up below you!

Day 2
On day two you will travel to Doi Inthanon National Park from Chiang Mai you will get to visit some of the popular sites that the park has to offer as well as getting off the main tourist trail for a two hour trek around the Pa Dok Siew Nature Trail. An early pick up will be required at 07:30 and we will head out of the city to Thailand’s premiere National park, Doi Inthanon. On turning into the park the road will start to climb towards Thailand’s highest peak. On the route up the mountain our first stop will be at Siritharn waterfall, the trip will them proceed further up the mountain to the king and queen pagodas. From these two iconic pagodas you can enjoy some stunning views across the park to the valley below. The trip will then proceed to the top of the mountain, at the top you can stand on Thailand’s highest point and get you photo taken at the famous highest mountain in Thailand sign. Also at the top of the mountain is the stunningly beautiful Angkha Nature trail this is a short walk of 400 meters but it will take you through some unique flora and forest which can only be seen at this high elevation. After Thailand’s highest peak we will drop by at the Hmong hill tribe market and then have lunch. After lunch it will be time for our walk which will take us deeper into the park and away from the well visited tourist trail up the mountain. The walk will take around two hours and we will follow the beautiful Pa Dok Siew Nature Trail, the trail will take you through rice paddies and forest and you will get to enjoy some unique views of the park which many visitors miss. At the end of the walk it will be time to board the transport again for the trip back down the mountain,on the way down we will stop by at one of Inthanon’s most spectacular waterfalls, Wachiritharn before heading back to Chiang Mai where you will be transferred to your Chiang Mai hotel.

Day 3
On day three we will visit Chiang Rai Province and The Golden Triangle, meeting point of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. After pick up at your Chiang Mai hotel, your first stop will be Maekhajan hot springs a good spot to take a morning cup of coffee before heading up towards the stunning Wat Rong Khun often named 'The White Temple' due do its dazzling white colour inlaid with mirrored glass. A short drive from Chiang Saen will bring us to the Golden Triangle where you will have the option of a boat trip across the Mekong River to the Laos island of Don Xao The tour will proceed to Mae Sai the Thai border town with Myanmar where we can spend some time at the bustling border market. You will also get a glimpse of Myanmar itself with it only being situated a mere ten meters away across the river. On the return leg to Chiang Mai we will stop to see The Karen Long Neck hill tribe as well as Akha/Yao tribal groups.

Day 4
On day four you will partake in the half day programme at The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. This half day elephant programme will get you out of the city into the hills of the Mae Wang area where you will spend a few hours of elephant interaction with some happy elephants. For the morning session get ready for an early pick up! There will be a one and half hour drive to the Mae Wang area. On arrival your guide will give you an introduction to the Asian elephant and some back ground information to the elephants which reside there. Next it will be time to meet the elephants! The elephant meeting session at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is very informal and you can feed, mingle and get up close to all the elephants and this is a great time to take some photos. You will then accompany the elephants to their favorite mud pit where they like to wallow in the muddy water. Feel free to take part in their muddy experience. The last activity of the morning will be to walk the elephants to the small river for a bath and scrub down. At the end on the activities for the morning programme you will be provided with a traditional Thai lunch before departure back to Chiang Mai and transfer back to your Chiang Mai accommodation

Note: You will be required to show your original passport if you want to take the boat ride on the Mekong to the Laos side. Please bring this with you if you want to take this option.


Day 1
Wat Umong and Doi Suthep Temple at Night
• Pickup from your hotel in Chiang Mai. 17:30
• Visit Wat Umong.
• Visit Doi Suthep Temple.
• Return to your hotel in Chiang Mai. 21:00

• Chiang Mai

Day 2
Doi Inthanon with Pa Dok Siew Nature Hike
• Pick up from Chiang Mai hotel 07:00-07:30
• Visit Siritharn Waterfall
• Visit the Chedi's of the King & Queen
• Visit the highest mountain
• Angkha Nature Trail
• Hmong hill tribe market
• Lunch
• 2 hour trek - Pa Dok Siew Nature Trail
• Visit Wachiritharn Waterfall
• Return to your hotel in Chiang Mai at 17:00

• Chiang Mai

Day 3
Karen Long Neck, Chiang Rai and The Golden Triangle
• Pick up from hotel in Chiang Mai 07:30
• Visit Maekhajan hot springs
• Visit Wat Rong Khun
• Visit Golden Triangle
Option - Boat trip on Mekong, cross to Laos
• Have lunch
• Visit border market at Mae Sai
• Visit Karen Long Neck village
• Visit Akha and Yao hill tribal groups
• Back to hotel about 21:00

• Chiang Mai

Day 4
Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
• 06:30-07:00 Pick up from your hotel
• Drive approximately 1.5 hours South of Chiang Mai
• Walk through and learn about the elephants
• Change into traditional Karen clothing and make medicine for the elephants.
• Meet the elephants. Feed, give medicine, interact, and play with the elephants
• Mud Spa with the elephants
• Walk with the elephants to a river and bathe them.
• Eat a traditional meal and then say goodbye to the elephants. 
13:30 Drop off at your hotel or accommodation.




arrow If you need a rest day we can build a free day into this tour if required Contact us for more details




4 Day package tour from Chiang Mai Elephants on 4 Day package tour from Chiang Mai Mae Sai
Golden Triangle Chiang Rai Karen Long neck Chiang Rai Golden Triangle Chiang Rai
Wat Umong Pa Dok Siew Nature Trail Pa Dok Siew Nature Trail


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Join-in Tour - excluding hotel Price
Price per adult in Thai Baht

4,750 BAHT

Price per child in Thai Baht (below 130cm tall)

2,600 BAHT

This tour includes:
• Licensed English speaking tour guide
• Day 1, 2 and 3 transport by air conditioned minibus
• Day 4 transport by seated and covered pick up
• All listed activities
• All entrance fees
• 3 lunch (see quick facts below)
• Pick up and drop off at your hotel

This tour excludes:
Option - Boat trip on Mekong (300 Baht/person)
• Hotel accommodation (see below for options)
• Optional airport transfers (300-500 Baht/group)

Tipping policy

1 Travel Hub is a Chiang Mai Tour Operator - You are booking direct! We guarantee our rates are the lowest on the web! We guarantee lowest rates for all our partner activities too! Find a cheaper rate for the same programme and we will beat that price!...terms
1 Group Join in Tour
You will join a group of up to 13 persons. For privately escorted day itineraries please click here
* Numbers may exceed 13 persons at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
Operated By Partner operator
This tour is operated by a specialist operator and not operated by Travel Hub
Guaranteed Daily Departures
This tour is guaranteed to depart daily! There is no minimum person requirements for this tour to depart. This tour will depart even if only one person is booked (although this is exceptionally rare)




Package prices quoted above exclude hotel accommodation. For this tour package you are free to make your own hotel arrangements. However we would be happy to provide you with a quote with one of our partner hotels. If you require a no obligation quote please let us know on the booking form.

Chiang Mai




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Mae Ping



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info icon Tour Transport
You will be provided with transport as follows:

tour transport commuter

Day 1, 2 and 3
Modern Toyota Commuter minibus - 9 or 13 passenger seat format

tour transport commuter Day 4
Seated and covered pick up

info icon Group
You will join a group of up to 13 other persons. Please also note that you will not be joining the same group of persons each day as we do have people joining on a day by day basis as well. This is a package of join in day tours and you may have different guides for each day of the tours.

info icon Crossing to Laos
From the beginning of 2015 a passport will be required if you want to take the Mekong boat trip to the Laos island of Don Xao (before a passport was not required) Please bring your passport if you want to do this option. Please also note that no exit or entry visas will be stamped in your passport and if you do cross onto the island of Don Xao your Thai visa will be unaffected.

info icon Guides
A Tourist Authority of Thailand licensed and English speaking guide will be provided.

1 Elephants and elephant welfare
Elephants feature on this tour please read the following information:

Riding: The operator of this venue does not allow the elephants to be ridden
Bull hook: The elephants are not controlled with a bull hook
(bull hook will be reserved for emergency only if they feel guests are in danger)
Show Elephants are not trained to perform tricks

The elephants are not chained to control their location

The operators of this trek have created high elephant welfare conditions.

info icon Meals
This is a 4 Day tour and you will be provided with meals as follows:


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4





evening meal


* Breakfast will be provided with any hotel booking.

info icon What to wear
You are touring and trekking in a hot climate wear comfortable cool attire. Shorts and t shirt or similar clothing are good for this tour. You will be walking for more than two hours on jungle tracks on Day 2 a good pair of sports shoes are required. Sandals are OK for the other days. It can be cool/cold at higher elevations in Doi Inthanon National Park (especially in the cooler months November to February). Bring a warm pullover

info icon Dress for temple visits
In this tour you will be visiting Buddhist temples. Respectful dress is always appreciated. For dress we suggest the following:
Please wear a shirt which covers the shoulders and reaches the waist (a t shirt will be fine!) For leg ware at least knee length shorts or skirt should be worn.

info icon Swim wear
Bring a swim suit (or shorts and t shirt you are happy to get wet in). You will get the opportunity to bath and mud spa with the elephants. A dry change of clothes is recommended for the end of the day. As long as water conditions allow it is possible to swim at the waterfall along the Mae Klang Luang trail.

1 Accommodation
We can arrange hotel accommodation for this tour or you are free to make your own arrangements. Just let us know on the booking form

1 Insurance
We provide accident insurance for this tour to cover medical bills up to a maximum amount of 100,000 baht.

info icon Pick up and drop off
Free pick up and drop off is included to and from any Chiang Mai city hotel.

Need more information or have any questions before you book? Please do not hesitate to contact us.



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